Hey beauties,today i am sharing with you my natural hair Journey.

I started my hair Journey a year ago but I struggled to embrace my hair in the beginning of my journey. I was always doubtful of my natural hair.

Last year my love for African natural hair , 4c to be specific, began growing more on Instagram last year,I  followed natural hair accounts on IG and the pictures were so beautiful and it was nice seeing natural hair in different colors and styles. I was like “I want! So I started taking care of my natural hair more.

What I enjoy most about being natural is the happiness it gives me. I love how thick and full it is. I also love the compliments. Going natural, I had a lot of expectations. I had so many styling ideas. Imagine the shock when I got my natural hair and it refused to look like what I saw on Instagram.


Natural hair

I live in protective hairstyle such as wigs & box braid,twist out andpuffs.I don’t have specific products I use but the most important thing I think anyone going natural should have is water,Shea butter and any oil of your choice “for me it’s castor oil”. 


I’m just about a year in on this journey so I might not have a lot of tips but what I have, I shall give to you😁

•Protective hairstyle

i hide it under braids, weaves, wigs most of the time because my hair is very prone to breakage. So I make a protective style for about a month.


Make sure your hair is always moisturized. Even under protective style. You can get a spray bottle and fill it with water. Spray in between your hair, around it.Then lock the moisture in with oil or Shea butter.

•create a hair regimen

If you’re like me and unable to get all products to once,just manage what you have for now. Seriously, you have a long time ahead of you to enjoy and take care of your hair.

•love your hair

Don’t compare your hair to any other person’s own. We all have different hair journeys. Your hair could be shoulder length in 3 years while someone else will be having waist length hair after the same 3 years.

•and lastly have fun

Have fun with your hair. Try new styles ,don’t stress your hair though.

Thanks for reading through! if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section. See you in my next post..


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