Ok my birthday was in October, so I know that this is a really belated blog post about my birthday brunch but anywho!

I prefer having a birthday celebration that’s somewhat more intimate/personal, with my family and good friends. so this year i decided to have a brunch on my birthday with  few close friends.

But well, turning 20 again is kinda like one of the milestones in life, so I suppose it’s worthy of a party. I think it’s also good because I get to celebrate it with the people I love and whom I’m most thankful for, all together at once at the same place. So it’s special, and definitely memorable.


I was stuck on the choice of the venue ,whether it being Pamo or sherbourne hotel,my favourite hotels in kitwe . But  after much searching/changing of choices, I finally decided on Sherbourne hotel. And I’d say, that was a good choice. Friendly (and very helpful) staff and it was a very cosy venue.

Oh and the theme for the day was “ALL WHITE PARTY”

Ok shall let the pictures do most of the talking. 🙂

My birthday cake! All I told barbara was I wanted one pretty  cake and  velvet flavour, and this is what I got. Heh. And the cake was as pretty as i expected.

To all my friend who took the this friday off and came to celebrate with me ,no words can express how grateful i am..thanks you

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