Coconut oil is amazing natural oil with many health benefits from hair care to skin care. It is very affordable and is readily is naturally antibacterial and antifungal which makes it excellent as a skin product. Here are my few natural DIY makeup tricks with coconut oil:

  1. As a moisturizer, coconut is incredible and inarguably the best moisturizer out easily seeps into the skin pores and moisturizing deeply and thoroughly. To my dry skin girls this will be a magical product. Apply it into your face with your palm gently messaging it in, wait for 5-10mins for the oil to absorb into your skin. A thin layer is all you need to prevent moisture loss through evaporation from the skin. If you are oil skin, you can still make use of the moisturizing effect of the oil.
  2. Use it as a foundation primer. If you have been having hard time finding a good primer, give coconut oil a helps in applying your foundation smoothly and evenly. Apply a tiny bit of coconut oil on your face, wait until it soaks into your skin leaving it soft and dry, and then apply your foundation. You can also mix your foundation and coconut oil and apply it as your foundation.
  3. As a cheekbone highlighter, nothing perks up a tired face like a little highlighter. You don’t need store product to achieve the effect but simply sweep a small amount of coconut oil on top of the makeup on the makes your skin glowie, which is why many natural makeup brands use it as a base ingredient.
  4. Coconut oil as a makeup remover, not only is coconut oil a good makeup base but also a good makeup remover. Before washing your face rub coconut oil over your face and wait for a minute. Then wipe off along with the makeup. This works really well when removing waterproof is the ideal deep cleanser.
  5. Revive dry mascara and eyeliner. A few of my favorites mascaras seem to dry out fast and we all know nothing pains more than good mascara drying. A few drops of coconut oil will bring the mascara back to life. Coconut oil is also good for growing lashes.

These are a few of my coconut oil favorites uses.Give them a go!

Peace and Dopeness XOXO