So today i am chatting about my all time beauty obsession,the colourpop ultra matte lip. I have 4 lip swatches for you.In 2017 Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lips retailed at $6.00 USD for 0.11 oz but there has been an increase of $0.5.The lip bundles retails in the range of $15-$18,these are quite a steal

Lately, it seems like every brand is coming out with their version of a liquid lipstick, and I’m generally a fan of liquid lipstick formulas — they dry to a flat matte finish and are super long wearing. If you’re a lipstick lover (or want to learn more about liquid lipstick) this post is for you!

1.Fresh Cut:True Blue Pink



Lip swatches

2.Times Square;Muted pink beige

3.Sunday:Soft Terracotta

4.Bumble:Warm Rose

The Review:

ColourPop has done remarkably in formulating their products. I agree with their description of ultra matte lipsticks and you will too once you try those. These are insanely matte, extremely deep pigmented and completely transfer proof.There are certain things I have noticed and want you to know. Every shade looks lighter in tube than on the lips or in swatches. This makes it difficult to make the purchase before going through the lip swatches on the website or the ones shared by other bloggers.

The formula is of a watery liquid lipstick that clings to the surface wherever applied and forms a concrete like layer that is difficult to remove.Even the most efficient of makeup removers have to work harder.

what are your thoughts about colourpop ultra matte Lips



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