HENRIETTE MOONO CHIKAMPA is the blogger behind the Zambian beauty and fashion blog Blackroz.

She didn’t start as a makeup artist but rather an “extremely well-informed consumer” with a knack for makeup tricks.

Passionately expressing herself through her love for beauty, makeup and fashion, she made a proclaimation to be called the ultimate ‘makeup Junkie.

Blackroz is a more narrative window into Henriette’s beauty world. This blog is a lush photo diary of her fashion looks and makeup artistry.

She is dedicated to bringing her readers regular inspiration in the way of creating different makeup looks and the perfect wardrobe of key pieces. Her sprightly and candid personality is credited to her Zambian culture.

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facebook page: blackroz

instagram: ms_riette

bloglovin: henriette


For press, collaboration,advertising enquiries and general enquires please contact me hchikampa@gmail.com

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