Hey bunnies,hope you all good so today I am going to talk about how to be more confident and are some tips on how I do it and how you guys can do too.The question is have I always been confident??No! There are two main tips I have learnt this past months and these are;

1. Stop caring

Stop caring what other people think of you,what they are saying and concentrate on yourself.people will always talk and you have to understand that’s the nature of people . Don’t give people your energy and time unless they matter.. If it’s not making you happy,money,a better person in anyway just don’t care!You need to ask yourself before doing something what do you gain??how will this benefit me??how will this make me a better person??There is no way you can be confident if you care what other people will say,immediately you care you going down mate..

2.Love yourself

When you love yourself everything is just perfect,everything is amazing because all you need is yourself..You came in this world by yourself and you will leave this world by need to get used to your own figure,face,hair,what ever you feel insecure,you just got to own it because you will be stuck with it forever..if you don’t like it, change it because it’s all come down to need to realize that not everyone has the same heart as you,not everyone is the same,not everyone sees life the way you see it.. The moment you will start doing things for yourself that’s the moment you will start glowing darling!

Question;how do I have a perfect body and face in 30 seconds???Answer; love yourself

When it comes to motivation it actually takes a lot,you literally have to sacrifice a lot.There are days when you can’t go out and spend more,for example where you can’t buy a dress you love because you saving up for a car..How I got motivated is ;

1. Being broke and not being where I want to be made me more motivated.sometimes I might not be in a mood of making any wigs but when I think about the money I will make by making the 1hairunit,Girl ,I can make the perfect wig in less than 30mins..lolEveryday I wake up I look at where I am and where I want to be and that journey in between motivates me every single day.

2.stay positive Stay positive every single day and just smile through it.some days can seem to be the worst days of our life but staying positive  about things can change even in a minute can say you day..

3. Keep yourself to yourself

I know this can be a bit tricky for us bloggers but the biggest mistake that I have made in the past and maybe you make is “you can’t let everyone know what you are doing “especially on social media..don’t tell people you plans,don’t tell them what you going to do keep things to yourself and know when to let someone know about something. surprise people everyday

Outfit details

  • Sweatpants- MrpLace
  • top-onlineShoes-legit
  • Hairunit-by me

Everyone  makes it to the finish line at a different pace so don’t feel any pressure,just take your time and enjoy your journey..I wish everyone the best future ever  Hope you enjoyed your weekend ❤❤❤


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