With the new season approaching, there are new demands and trends for “cooler” hair styles.Following the latest hair styles and trends as the season changes, many women are going into the salon to get a new look. Whether you go with short layers, a layered bob or a more tapered style.
One thing I have I have discovered wigs give you the flexibility to have a layered bob one day,to ponytail the next.
If you want to know how to make,cut a versatile bob wig read through the steps below
Things i need

Layered bob wig

Layered wig

-Peruvian hair 8″,10″12″ & 8″ closure
-wig cap
-cotton & needle
-pair of scissors
-dummy head


1.put the wig cap on the dummy head as you would put it on your head.i always use two wig caps to make my wig last long

2. Pin your closure on the dummy head.the part on which you pin it will determine the style you want whether a centered part or a side par

3. Saw down the closure to the part you have pin it on..

4. Get the shortest bundle “dat should be 8inch” and start sawing it on to the back and after you done with 8″,use the other bundles until you get to the closure

Bob wig
5. After you done sawing,blow out the hair to straighten it to make it easy for you to cut it

6. Depending on whether you want a layered or blunt bob use the pair of scissors on the blunt and the blade on the layered bob.

7. Tone the hair inside for the layered bob.
Those are the 7 steps you take when making a bob…

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