Avacado & Aloe Vera Mask


Everything you need to save you skin is sitted in you fridge or planted in your back is really involving to get an amazing skin because we tend to try out different products.i must admit the desire to have an amazing tempts us to take drastic measures. ..
I have discovered that as much as you would like to have a glowingly face, slattering it with expensive chemical based products is not an option but the best or rather the healthy way is to choose all natural products that are free from harsh chemical. .
I know most of us ladies feel like chemical based products give us a quicker results, yes ther are some great products but others might cause damage to your skin in the long run so I suggest you get yourself some natural products. ..
Investing 30mins of your time to make this mask once a week will do wonders to your skin…
-1/2 Rip Avocado
-2tsp Aloe Vera

-extract the aloe vera gel from the leaf
-mash the avocado in the bowl then stir in the aloe vera
-apply to skin and leave it for 15mins
– Rince it with cool water
It has an amazing moisturising properties which make it perfect for dry helps in prevention of premature wrinkling and reduced inflammation
Aloe Vera
Is well known for its healing properties which makes it great to heal sunburned skin.

This mask is used for moisturising skin and is great for dry skin. Try it out and let it transform your life..
Peace & Dopeness xoxo