Hi hunnies. Happy new week! I thought to myself it would be great if we get to have two Saturdays and two Sundays yay”! It’s only recent that I have really got into my weekends, as my weeks have become so busy. Wow it feels like I haven’t done a write up in ages! I have been experiencing blogging block which lead me in struggling with putting out content. Weeks went by and I needed to write a post but had nothing to write about. The thought of sitting down to write felt like there’s a mega rock on my head which I couldn’t shake off and mostly I couldn’t figure out what I should write about. But hey, they say start somewhere right?

If you glance through any fashion blogger list of wardrobe essentials, you are 99% guaranteed that the list will include a great pair of sneakers as a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. They happen to be the most versatile items of shoes that’s can be dress up and dressed down customizing and styling  to fit every girls personal style, so I couldn’t agree more.

So this post is solely dedicated to the new  Nike Huarache Run i purchased from sportscene at mukuba mall

I have never been a fun of sneakers, but recently I have slowly developed a strong love towards sports wear. It could be one of the greatest fashion inventions seeing how it is loved by many. I find it very manageable and so easy to style.

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