HAPPY NEW WEEK!!i started my blog 3 years ago,in this time i feel like we haven’t really gotten to know each other. Lately i have been thinking of fun ways  in which you can get to know more about me. And i came up with the theme “KNOW ME MORE”

Know me more

I was a shy girl who used to think about what people will think about her. But this blog made me come out of my comfort zone,i am glad i did. Because i am more confident now . On my Instagram story,i have asked you guys to send me any question on anything you would love to know about me. Whether it being personal or about blogging.

So lets get into the questions!!

1.what are your full names???

My names are Henrietta moono chikampa. Well  i am more like the female Jnr.i was name after my dad (Mr Henry M Chikampa). I have no idea what Moono means but Henrietta/Henriette is a feminine form of Henri which means Keeper of the hearth. Let me not get into details.

2.What inspired you to start your blog

I have long been inspired by other high profile beauty blogs, however found it difficult to find information on where to purchase authentic makeup in Zambia and information of how to wear it. I practice& posted selfies on Facebook,I received questions from many ladies asking me how I achieve the look and what I used.with my first purchase of authentic makeup on bh cosmetics website, it seemed the perfect time to launch my blog to inform other ladies who are in a situation I was in ”not finding authentic makeup

3.What are you studying now?

Well, I am doing Quantity Surveying from the Copperbelt university  right now . To be honest  in my first year i didn’t have any clue of what quantity surveying was all about.my interest in it came along the way.Well the five years in school have been a roller coaster and i am praying by Gods grace i graduate with my bachelors degree this year.And I am sure this is my thing .

4.Whats your favourite eyeshadow palette??

My go to lately has been the  Morphe 35p  palette. It has lots of colors, primarily warm tone but it’s easy to get lots of different looks. I really like it!

5.Whats your go to makeup look

Like many women, I’ve got my go-to makeup application process down pat.I can complete it in under 15 minutes.i usually use five products Lancôme foundation,Mac finishing powder,colourpop ultra matte lip ‘limbo’,Avon mega mascara And my bh cosmetics carli bybel palette.with these products  go to look is a nude look

6.What tips would you give on purchasing the best wig?

With the right considerations in mind, buying your first wig doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. Choose one that makes you feel confident and is comfortable for your scalp and type of hair loss. I hope these tips will help you.

1.Learn about wig terms and features;What exactly do the terms lace front, wefted, synthetic, Remy, feather-light, and silk cap mean?

2.Learn the difference between synthetic and real hair wigs; Human hair wigs can be cut and heat-styled, they can be parted in different ways, and most often have lace-fronts, making for a natural hairline. Synthetic wigs have less natural hairlines and often can’t be parted or re-styled. They also tend to be cheaper than real hair wigs.

3.Style do you want;Do you want something very different from what you are used to, or a wig that resembles your natural hair as much as possible? Long or short? Bangs? Layers? Straight, wavy, or curly? Thick or thin? Keeping in mind that the wig you choose will be customized to fit you perfectly. If you can’t find something you love in the store, look through magazines, browse the internet, and try on your friends’ and relatives’ wigs to get more ideas.

4. Know your head size or go for a fitting; Especially if you plan to wear your wig on a daily basis, it is essential to choose something that sits comfortably on your head and fits you right

Just like getting a haircut, remember that it will take some time for you to feel totally comfortable with your new wig. At the end of the day, it is your confidence that makes you shine – not your hair.

7.What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

the first thing I do when I wake up is probably check and reply to my phone messages..

8.Favorite online shopping site?

Well i am an online person and i literally buy most of my things online site such as ebay,amazon,colourpop website,morphe brushes site,edgars southafrica just to mention a few.But my favourite shopping site would definitely be colourpop because i am in love with there products.

9. What do you use for your skin care??

i am definitely doing a skin care post soon but what i basically use is Romeo soap indulgence “shea butter and mangnolia body butter by Bramley. And if my skin breaks out with a rush or pimples i use an indian soap called Asante.

10.How do you find time to blog with your school schedule

Timing is everything, and. maintaining a blog is no exception to the rule. well it’s kinda difficult but I’ve found  strategies that help me make and maximize my time for blogging;

•Set My Schedule, I act on the responsibility by setting my schedule. I cordon off time in my week to work on my blog.

•Write more than four blog post on a weekend and schedule my blog posts

•Keep a Notebook,I have a  notebook that’s on my phone where I keep research, quotes, post ideas, anything that will keep me present to the work. I never have to work from scratch because I can always pick up an idea and get started.

I  am really thankful for all the support that you guys have shown me for the past years. To all who have messaged me i appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me. In my next post, i hope i covered  each and every question asked by you all.i guess this  blog post was quite long.hope you all enjoyed this lifestyle blog post series as it is something different from the usual 💋💋

Ps: if you didn’t get to read my previous   blog post.

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