Hi loves,hope your weekend was fab. I am pretty much excited “back to school YAY”. Well this is my first ever natural hair challenge ,And its all about using Fermented Rice Water for hair growth.

Since I started taking care of my natural hair,I have been researching a way of  hair retention remedies and I have read so many good reviews  about rice water.


Rice water has been traditionally used for hundreds of years in China and Japan. In fact, the Yao women of China are credited with having the longest hair in the world. With lengths of over six feet, their hair looks strong, thick, and shiny.

The challenge will last for 5 months (April to August )

How to make rice water

How to make rice water

-boil the rice (use organic rice)

-drain the water for the rice

-ferment the rice water “add a 1/4 cup of rice to make concentrated rice water”

-put it in a spray bottle for daily use

-store it in a cool place “I recommend you store it in a fridge”


– Must use rice water at least one week a month “spray it in your hair before going to bed”

-use the rice water to rinse your hair on two different wash days “I usually have my wash days on Sunday”
– No heat or chemical processes (if you must use heat try not to use it everyday)
– Wear protective styles (It can be anything, I personally,I am currently in cornrows because I wear wigs often)
– In your first post, please state your hair type, porosity, thickness, texture, length, length goal, and current routine
– Post new length check every week here or on Instagram

I will be hash-taging this challenge #2018BRhairchallenge


Ps: keep in mind we all have different hair and it may respond differently..exercise patience

Wishing you all a productive week ahead. Xoxo


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