Have you wondered where your internalized message of “I’m not good enough,” comes from? Do you feel you give life your best, work hard, try hard, but still can’t give yourself credit? Are you constantly beating yourself up and thinking that somehow you should be more, do more, be better, and you don’t measure up in your own mind? Well With the number of various images dominating traditional media, and now social media, it is no surprise that we find ourselves in moments where we you second guess yourself – beauty, appearance, wealth, level of success, social status, diet.. the list goes on –  As much as there are images, I believe there should also be moments to remind ourselves that that’s all they are: images. However aesthetically pleasing they may be there is a reality behind them, very normal, and in a lot of cases very relatable, but we do often forget and find ourselves at times not feeling good enough.

1. Stop!

Don’t compare yourself to that person, instead highlight one or two positive attributes about yourself and embrace them in that moment.

2. Take time out to take care of yourself

Be it a good pamper (a hair and nails day can do you a world of good), workout at the gym or try something fun and new.

3.There is more right with you than wrong with you.

This powerful reminder is inspired by one of my favorite quotes from Jon Kabat-Zinn: “Until you stop breathing, there’s more right with you than wrong with you.”As someone who sometimes tends to zoom in on all my perceived flaws. It helps to remember that there are lots of things I like about myself too—like the fact that I’m alive and breathing and able to pave new paths whenever I choose.Remind yourself that you are strong and capable, and everything that should happen in your life will happen, and at the right time.

4. Count your blessings, and be grateful for them.

You need love the most when you feel you deserve it the least.This was a recent epiphany of mine, although I’m sure it’s been said many times before.I find that it is most difficult to accept love and understanding from others when I’m in a state of anger, shame, anxiety, or depression. But adopting the above truth really shifted my perspective and made me realize that love is actually the greatest gift I can receive during such times.

5. You have to fully accept and make peace with the “now” before you can reach and feel satisfied with the “later.”

One thing I’ve learned about making changes and reaching for the next rung on the ladder is that you cannot fully feel satisfied with where you’re going until you can accept, acknowledge, and appreciate where you are.Embrace and make peace with where you are, and your journey toward something new will feel much more peaceful, rewarding, and satisfying.

6.Focus on progress rather than perfection and on how far you’ve come rather than on how far you have left to go.

One of the biggest causes of self-loathing is the hell-bent need to “get it right.” We strive for perfection and success, and when we fall short, we feel less than and worthless. What we don’t seem to realize is that working toward our goals and being willing to put ourselves out there are accomplishments within themselves, regardless of how many times we fail.

Instead of berating yourself for messing up and stumbling backward, give yourself a pat on the back for trying, making progress, and coming as far as you have.

7. Celebrate other people

Show appreciation for them, and remember that their successes in some cases, are solutions to problems they have been facing and are happy to have found them.

what do you do when you are not feeling good enough??

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