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If you are anything like me,i guess you know that loving makeup comes wit a very high price tag,knowing that some of these designer products are ridiculously priced but you know they are worth the price all the time ….. in this generation we believe in buying expensive things because they just make us feel about ourselves…but to be honest as a student it is kind of costly that why i find so much pleasure in finding a good inexpensive product,because one does not have to spend a fortune to feel fantastic and to look flawless…it is a wonderful feeling to when you get to find a good product that works for you

This weeks #1 Makeup product hands down is the “DESIGN LIQUID FOUNDATION”

I found this cutely at my local Edgar stores..Well the price is fairly reasonable,and it retailed for only K32…

Foundations serves as the canvas for the rest of the makeup and best kind should have  a smooth finish with no shine or dewy appearance..Besides finding a  foundation that matches your skin colour (mine is in caramel shade) exactly,it is also important to choose the type of foundation that best for your skin type (either liquid or cream foundations)and also matches your personal preferences..i have found one which blends on smoothly and evenly,meshing with  my skin and am totally obsessed with “design liquid”

i will be posting revive on different makeup products which i have totally fallen in love with..

let me know if you guys try this foundation out and how you will love it..but all in all i hope you  find something that works for you..

XOXO Peace & Dopeness