Time is a amusing . We are all given the exact same amount in a second, minute,hour, day, week, month, year and we all choose to allocate it differently.

blogging goals 2017

Many blog posts on goals have been popping up on my Bloglovin feed, and the most common ones are Blogging Goals for 2017 and I love reading those posts to have an insight on what I expect from my fellow bloggers and after reading dozens of those posts I started wondering whether I should set a list of blogging goals for 2017 myself, I don’t like setting a bunch of  resolutions, so I opted to think of four things that I want to achieve.which are:

  1. Do more outfit posts, this is my main goal this 2017,If you’ve been reading my blog posts since last year ,you beauties should have noticed that most of my post are  beauty /makeup post so this year I will be bringing more of outfit post
  2. Be consistent,  because of school,the blog has been lacking. In consistency, style and focus in general .Despite my lack of posts  “which I lacked in so much in 2016. This year 2017, I will put in my very best to bring you beauties interesting content
  3. More Organized,  as oxford dictionary of English defines. Organize as  to be “able to plan ones activity efficiently.” Juggling deadlines and commitments at university can be tricky. Getting myself organised will save me a whole lot of time
  4. Take photography lessons: so the past years I have been using an iPhone to get my blogging pictures,not saying that the iPhone doesn’t’ take quality pics but it has been my savior for the past 2years of blogging and no phone beats an iPhone .this year I have decided to take some photography lessons to enhance my blog pictures quality..

Outfit details 

Dress- by Ushi fabrics

Black block heels -legit

Hair unit- by me

Lady of Chichi is having a bidding sale of her instagram page of her design.vist her page and get bidding

Peace and Dopeness xoxo

What are your goals this year???