The Afro wig

Hey love bugs!!we  have 2 more days to 2017…can you believe it?? 2016 has been a good year..👏🏽In the urge to grow my wig collection, I had longed to have an afro wig but in my search for this specific hair (expression afro) I had been to every single hair shop in the copper belt but couldn’t find it.


Until one day my search came to an end and I found this afro hair stocked in one of the hair shops in Kitwe. Without hesitation I bought the hair. Finally, I felt very accomplished!!

I must say this is one of my favorite wigs in my collection. It is the synthetic expression afro wig

-very affordable (K75  Or approximately $8)

-very soft

-doesn’t tangle easily

It is a very good bargain…

Wishing everyone a great 2017😘😘

Peace & Dopeness